Our Tea Estate

TINDHARIA – The boutique Bio-organic tea estate of Darjeeling

The name 'Tindharia' means the place of 3 mountain ridges and it is located at the confluence of the 3 mountain streams. The estate is blessed by Mother Nature with flowing streams, waterfalls and greenery

Tindharia is a small Bioorganic tea estate, which pays detailed attention to the production of every individual invoice. It produces an annual crop of 70 - 75 MT. The estate starts at an elevation of 400 meters extending to 1000 meters. 40% of the plantation is China bushes, 30% hybrids and 30% Assam bushes. Extensive new plantation and rejuvenation is being carried out using high quality AV-2 clonal bushes for maximum flavor. We believe this will contribute to the estate's sustainability in the long term. The factory and the machinery are constantly upgraded, after a complete overhaul in 2005.

Tindharia is certified organic by Control Union for USDA, EU and JAS. It is certified FLO Fairtrade, HACCP, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005. The Ethical Tea Partnership also audits Tindharia. All our teas are fully traceable from bush to cup.


The estate's white tea 'PEARL' is a treasured tea and was the Gold Medal winner for the best Indian tea at the US Tea Conference 2012 (Picture below) . This tea is completely hand made from the first tender leaves plucked at the very start of 1st Flush in Spring. Leaves exclusively plucked from young clonal bushes in their first five years of harvest are used to produce this treasure. Trained pluckers pluck fresh leaves at the crack of dawn, and manage to bring back only a few grams of leaves each to be hand-rolled tenderly and sun dried. 'Tindharia Pearl' is a rare gift of Nature!


Apart from traditional Black teas, Tindharia is particularly well known for its unique Darjeeling green teas. Most estates in India usually produce green teas by passing steam from a boiler into a roaster where the green leaf is filled. At Tindharia, green tea is produced in the old fashioned way where fresh green leaf is individually dipped in boiling water. Although this process is more intensive and expensive, it steams the leaf most evenly and generates a high quality sweet flavor, which is rarely found in teas from a boiler/roaster. These teas are particularly cherished in Europe and USA.


As part of our commitment towards Nature and Environment Sustainability, the estate has a program for soil conservation through planting of new shade trees every year, and an ongoing drain renewal program. Old bushes are constantly uprooted and replanted


The estate considers its workers to be its prime assets and maintains harmony and excellent relations with the workers and the community while developing the infrastructure. We believe that the plantation can only be sustainable if workers are happy and consider the plantation to be their own. A free computer center was sponsored by a satisfied client and opened in Tindharia in 2012 to further the educational and leisure pursuits of the workers and their families.

We invite you to unravel the mystique of Tindharia teas and savor the pleasure.


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