Products to serve all needs

a) Bulk teas – These are blends or pure single estate teas shipped in conventional tea chests, CFC cartons or paper sacks. We are currently expanding packing alternatives for bulk tea.

b) 5 Kg chest – This is a 5 Kg tea chest with blended or single estate tea, and is ideal for direct delivery to tea boutiques. We offer a branded product called Darjeeling Crown Jewels for a premium blended Darjeeling and can also offer private label.

c) 2.5 Kg chest – This again is a mini chest for blends or single estate tea.

d) Metal caddy – 125 or 250 grams. We offer our branded product for Darjeeling teas under the brand 'Crown of Darjeeling', and also deliver against buyer's private label.

e) Wooden chestlets – 50 grams, 100 grams, 125 grams, 250 grams or 500 grams.

f) Tea Bags – Various types of tea bags are offered including our own brands 'Mysteaque'. We offer both conventional tea bags as well as pot bags.

g) Packet teas – We offer pre-packed teas in either our own labels or private label. Our own labels include the 'Crown of Darjeeling', 'Queen of Darjeeling', 'Mysteaque' and 'Kanoria Single Estate'.

h) Other forms of packaging – This could be arranged against specific requests.


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