Our Tea Assortment


a) Traditional black teas: Our area of specialization is black teas, chiefly from Darjeeling and Assam. Exports include both original garden lines as well as tailor made blends. We routinely offer estate teas from about 70% of all Darjeeling estates and carry stocks of most during season. Blends are an area requiring meticulous tasting specialization, and this is a field we have made our own. We have maintained consistent blend standards for some of our prestigious clients for periods over 30 years, and effected reliable deliveries over long periods. We work closely with various producer groups and source our teas both privately as well as in the auctions, besides also sourcing on a forward basis periodically.


b) Assams: Fine range of Assam CTC and orthodox teas suitable for various purposes like RTD, milk tea, tea-bags, specialty packs, boutiques, extraction etc.

c) Specialty black teas: We manufacture various specialties such as special clonals, handmade teas, oolongs etc apart from various green and white specialties. Our assortment includes tippy Assam orthodox teas, and top CTC teas.

d) White Tea: Made in Tindharia. Two leaves and a bud in dry leaf & infusion. Tip of the top !

e) Oolongs: Darjeeling style, from high elevation estates, for the most discerning tea lover.

f) Green teas: Light and flavoury, these teas bring joy to the taste bud and heart !

g) Emerald: Green tea, oolong style. With our respects to the Japanese Gyokuro.


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