Our Vision

We are a specialized company with a broad vision.

Our function - Export of specialty Indian teas, chiefly from Darjeeling and Assam, with an emphasis on the high quality and gourmet section. We serve as an effective one-stop-shop for all requirements of quality North Indian teas.

Our business philosophy - The satisfaction of drinking good tea provides inner satisfaction, and contributes to a feeling of well-being. A good cup of tea is nature’s gift to us and the satisfaction derived from a cup of tea provides us with moments of peace and happiness. This is why tea is a drink to sit back and enjoy, and not just a casual beverage to gulp on the go. It is this philosophy of tea and its relevance to life that fuels our passion for tea and shapes our commitment to provide our clients and the consumer an enriching beverage experience in their pursuit of life.

Our objective - It is our constant endeavor to provide the end consumer the pleasure of unraveling the mystique of the finest teas of the world. We seek to increase the popularity of tea, by offering teas of a high quality competitively, so that the consumer is made aware of the taste of a good cup of tea and is prepared to 'take to tea'.


Our Strategy – Serve to build long-term business relations with our trading partners worldwide based on trust and confidence, and be recognized for our reliable and ethical service.


Our Commitment – We are committed to reliably providing our buyers with good quality hygienic teas at value for money prices. Our teas are traceable from Bush to Cup….


Our R&D - In order to constantly upgrade our services, our priority is to develop our infrastructure for warehousing and processing facilities. We have installed a state-of-the-art machine for cleaning tea and removing foreign matter from tea. Emphasis is being given on maintaining the highest standards of hygiene. Our warehouse is HACCP certified.



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