Our immense buying power and connections as bulk exporters, affords. Mysteaque the luxury of sourcing even limited quantities of diverse teas at bulk prices, and makes luxury tea an 'Affordable Luxury'.



    These are carefully curated and blended with a selection of imaginative flavors to give your taste buds a shake-up in every cup and provide a day full of wellness and good health.



    We guarantee the level of freshness that very few would dare to match.All teas offered by Mysteaque are less than 12 months from the date of Plucking.

    *Committed Unconditionally



    Our tea is your opportunity to create a moment: for stillness, for reflection, for the internal connection with yourself. Unravel flavors both exotic and familiar; energizing and relaxing as you retreat from an increasingly turbulent world into the sublime journey of your cuppa.


The Masters Selections


Mr. Anshuman Kanoria and Mrs. Vrinda Kanoria

The executive management of our firm is in the capable hands of our Managing Partner, Mr. Anshuman Kanoria and Mrs. Vrinda Kanoria. They are backed up by an able and experienced team who manage all aspects of the trade. We owe our success to the strong commitment and work ethics of our employees. Anshuman Kanoria completed his education in the USA and Switzerland and joined the family business in 1985. Besides handling our tea exports and procurement, he has served the Indian tea trade in various leadership positions

Ms.Tavishi Kanoria

The youngest member of our team, Ms.Tavishi Kanoria has joined us in 2014 after graduating from USA, and has started our e-commerce site, "www.mysteaque.com" with a view to bringing specialty teas directly from the tea plantations to consumers worldwide. Mysteaque.com is structured to give consumers a feel of the tea estates whose teas they enjoy and a clear distinction between the different forms and qualities of classical Indian teas. Through our website, we seek to transport the tea lover to the mystical tea estates of India ! She is also the proud owner of the luxury Multi-designer store in Kolkata- Citrine, along with Vrinda.

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